In the Episcopal Church the vestry is the governing board of the parish. Its primary responsibilities are
  • Discernment: Discerns where God is calling the congregation in this place at this time.
  • Mission and Vision: Helps to articulate the mission and vision of the congregation.
  • New Leaders: Identifies new leaders for the congregation and the wider church.
  • Resources: Manages resources and finances of the congregation.
Each year four enrolled, confirmed, adult communicants-in-good-standing are elected at Good Shepherd’s annual meeting to serve a three year term on the vestry.Vestry minutes and committee reports are available here.

Class of 2021
Jeanette Belfield
Deborah Burnette
Jim Curtis
Mary Palmer

Class of 2022
Albert Ervin
Reuben Harris
Catie Roche
Gary Williams

Class of 2023
Ben Blackburn
John Mebane
Jim Mullen
Susan Suiter

Vestry Officers
Matthew Johnson, Rector
Mary Palmer, Senior Warden
Jim Curtis, Junior Warden
Jon Colston, Treasurer
Lisa Godwin, Clerk