Who we are

The Church of the Good Shepherd is an inclusive, diverse, Christ-centered community located in the heart of downtown Rocky Mount. The first services of the Episcopal Church in Nash County were held in 1854 at a nearby location close to the former Braswell Memorial Library (now part of the Imperial Centre Complex). Within 20 years, Good Shepherd had been built and dedicated to the glory of Almighty God as the center of worship life for Episcopalians in Rocky Mount.

We have been worshiping, praying and serving from this site for nearly 150 years. Our facility has been added to some three times, with additions made for classroom and fellowship space in 1924, 1960 and most recently a new parish hall, kitchen facility, parking lot and outdoor worship space in 1997.

  • We are an Historic Church—As the oldest church building still in use by an active Christian community in Rocky Mount, we honor and cherish our worship space as a place that nurtures our relationship with God, yet we know that the heart of any Christian community exists not in a temple made by human hands but rather in the temple of our hearts.
  • We are an Active Church—with programs, groups, activities and events for people of all ages and interests.
  • We are a Sacramental Church—with the Holy Eucharist as the focus of most of our worship experiences.
  • We are a Diverse Church—Good Shepherd is a place of and a place for people from many walks of life. We seek to live as a true community of Christ where we view ourselves and our neighbors through the light of the risen Christ not through categories created in the kingdom of this world.
  • We are a church seeking to become—At Good Shepherd, we acknowledge that each one of us is on a spiritual journey, a journey to become the person Christ calls us to be, more like him in our words, in our actions and in our spirit. And yet a journey is never complete. In some sense, we are always discovering new ways in which God is challenging and calling us. Good Shepherd is a place to discover the call of God. We welcome you to join us!