Christian Essentials Group

Signup Deadline: September 14th
First Class: September 21st

Christian Essentials is a NEW opportunity for small groups to “explore, grow and deepen your relationship with God, neighbor, world and self.” There are 5 different Modules available (you can participate in one or more of these Modules, as you wish), and each module consists of six sessions.

The first group will begin the module “Love God” on September 21st and will meet via Zoom from 7:00 to 8:30. p.m. for a total of six Monday nights (Introduction, Worship, Bible Study, Spiritual Practices, Basics of Our Faith, and Stewardship). The groups are limited to eight or fewer participants, so there will be one or two groups depending on how many sign-up. (To sign up, email Tom Parker.)

To provide us with this opportunity, four of our members have received training and will be facilitating: Nan Bayless is our lead facilitator, assisted by Britt Myers. The additional facilitators are Mary Palmer and Emily Bondy.