Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education
at Good Shepherd provides opportunities to explore, deepen, and develop one’s Christian faith and to become more effective disciples. The focus of our work is not on “covering” material to learn but on “uncovering” questions and potential answers through study and discussion.





Covenant Groups for Classes: Participants in covenant groups commit to join in spiritual reflection at each of the six weekly sessions, to support and care for one another, to pray daily, and to take part in an outreach ministry or project.

Covenant Small Groups: Parishioners are encouraged to form covenant groups of three to ten people who meet weekly for eight weeks.  Groups generally form around either a shared identity (e.g. the women’s bible study) or a shared activity (e.g. book study, outreach project, or scripture theme).

Disciple Bible Study: This eight month long seminar surveys the entire Bible. The aim of this program is to grow as disciples of Christ by more fully incorporating the scriptures into our daily lives.

Inquirers’ Class: In preparation for the bishop’s annual visitation, the rector will offer an Inquirers’ Class for anyone who would like to be confirmed, received into the Episcopal Church, reaffirm his/her baptismal vows, or would just like to learn more about the Episcopal Church.

Sunday Morning Bible Study: Parishioners gather each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. to discuss the gospel passage of the day and how it applies to our lives. No preparation or commitment required.

Sunday Lunch Forums: The Sunday Forum offers an opportunity to explore a variety of topics from a Christian perspective.  The usual format is presentation from the rector or guest speaker followed by discussion.