Pastoral Care

Caring for our own is another Christian duty that the Good Shepherd calls us to perform.  Through Pastoral Care programs, we reach out to those in our church family who are homebound, unable to attend church, or temporarily experiencing a life changing situation.  The goal is to make sure that these members know we are one and they are loved by their church family.  Learn more about our pastoral care programs here.

Pastoral Care programs operated by Good Shepherd:

Encouragement Ministry: Once a month, a group of church members get together to pray for those on our prayer list and to write notes of encouragement to each one.

Flower Delivery:  Following the last service each Sunday (excluding the seasons of Advent and Lent), volunteers break down the altar’s floral arrangements into smaller ones and deliver them to persons on our pastoral care list.

Knitting Group:  A group of parishioners meet on Wednesdays to knit items for inreach and outreach.  Among the various handcrafted items that they knit can be found baby blankets for the newest members of our flock, lap blankets for our eldest members, soft hats for cancer patients, and sweaters and scarves for those in our community in need of warm clothing.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry:  These volunteers help parishioners in their hours of need.  Throughout the year, they cater receptions and meals for families in our church who have just lost loved ones, they take meals to Good Shepherd families with newborns, and they regularly visit and take meals to homebound members.